Remembering Michael 9 years on

Michael BaileyThis March 24th, 2014 marks 9 years since the tragic death of Michael in HMP Rye Hill.

In 2007 Four prison officers charged over the death of Michael were cleared. Daniel Daymond, 23, and Samantha Prime, 29, both of Rugby, and Paul Smith, 39, from Warrington, were cleared of manslaughter by gross negligence.

Ben King, 21, from Daventry, and Mr Daymond, were also cleared of perverting the course of justice.

An inquest jury in 2009 sitting before HM Assistant Deputy Coroner for Northamptonshire, Tom Osbourne, concluded that a catalogue of serious failings at the privately-run prison caused or contributed to the death of the 23 year old Michael who was found hanged in the segregation unit of the prison.

The jury concluded that the prison had failed in relation to every single aspect of Michael’s care that they had been asked to consider and that there was a “failure on the part of all staff to take responsibility for ensuring Michael Bailey’s safety”. Continue reading

Fathers Day vigils make a mark

On 17th June 2012 people gathered at peaceful vigils to remember fathers that have died in police, prison, mental health and immigration detention.

These nationally organised peaceful vigils took place simultaneously in Manchester, Birmingham, Central London, Brixton, Tottenham, Sheffield, Slough, High Wycombe and a number of other locations across the country.

Tippa Naphtali, Mikey Powell Campaign & 4WardEver UK said; “These deaths have just got to stop. Family campaigners need to take matters into our hands in a manner more unprecedented than anything seen before. We need to adopt intelligent and collaborative responses, working with a single vision and strategy”.

The Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody report published in 2011 stated: in total, there were 5,998 deaths recorded for the 11 years from 2000 to 2010. This is an average of 545 deaths per year.

A UFFC campaign spokesperson said;

“Despite the fact there have been 11 unlawful killing verdicts since 1990 there has never been a successful prosecution.

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For Michael: LIFE

Submitted by: Michael Beech

Michael BaileyDear Michael, a friend for life. Although it hurts I know your in a better place. Here is something which I wrote and sent to him, which i would like to share with others.


Take life one step at a time,
Growth and change is optional, you can either choose it or fight it.

You can’t live in the past, if you dwell on yesterday your not growing.
Your past is where you’ve been, but not where you have to stay.
But if you’re unwilling to grow, you’ll never reach your potential.
If you can’t change, you won’t grow.

And if you’re not growing, you’re not really living.
Growth must be your priority or it will never happen.
Pursue it to the point of excellence, for its there you’ll find your highest joy and fulfilment.
What holds you back is not what you are, but what you think your not.
If you want to change, start by changing habits.
When you can walk in the light you already have, you’ll receive more.
But don’t wait for the right circumstances, create them yourself.
The future begins today not tomorrow.

Looking forward
You can love only what you know and fix what you understand
Knowledge is power, so get to know you.
What are your needs, your values, your goals and boundaries?
Learn to accept and enjoy who you are, then you’ll be able to accept and enjoy others.
If you want to find happiness, find out what it is.
If you can’t give away what you have, you don’t posses it, it possesses you!

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