For Michael: LIFE

Submitted by: Michael Beech

Michael BaileyDear Michael, a friend for life. Although it hurts I know your in a better place. Here is something which I wrote and sent to him, which i would like to share with others.


Take life one step at a time,
Growth and change is optional, you can either choose it or fight it.

You can’t live in the past, if you dwell on yesterday your not growing.
Your past is where you’ve been, but not where you have to stay.
But if you’re unwilling to grow, you’ll never reach your potential.
If you can’t change, you won’t grow.

And if you’re not growing, you’re not really living.
Growth must be your priority or it will never happen.
Pursue it to the point of excellence, for its there you’ll find your highest joy and fulfilment.
What holds you back is not what you are, but what you think your not.
If you want to change, start by changing habits.
When you can walk in the light you already have, you’ll receive more.
But don’t wait for the right circumstances, create them yourself.
The future begins today not tomorrow.

Looking forward
You can love only what you know and fix what you understand
Knowledge is power, so get to know you.
What are your needs, your values, your goals and boundaries?
Learn to accept and enjoy who you are, then you’ll be able to accept and enjoy others.
If you want to find happiness, find out what it is.
If you can’t give away what you have, you don’t posses it, it possesses you!

Free Your MindChoice
Why stress on a problem, for life itself has many obstacles still to face.
It’s facing the problem, which gives us the strength to continue growing,
And learn from our experiences, making us wiser and stronger.
Getting angry only upsets yourself, for whilst you’re dwelling on the source of your anger, The source has forgot all about it, and moved on.
You will have many choices in life, which affect the course of your future.
Whether good or bad, both can be inspiring. It’s how you deal with it that makes you stronger.
You will face many control elements, set by others.
Listening with an open mind, will enable you to see things for what they really are.

When you lie to save somebody’s feelings
You rob then of the chance to face the problem and overcome it.
When the intent of your heart is to help and not to hurt, to bless and not to use
You then begin to “grow up” and speak the truth in love, and hear the truth spoken in love.
You can love, but only with the same wholeness that you love yourself with.
Integrity is what allows others to trust you, without that you have nothing at all.

Power within
Fate is real. The Choices we make only determine the path you take to get there.
Life is a test which we should learn from and make one self stronger.
Faith is powerful just like love. Both is a feeling which words can’t describe,
but within yourself you know its real.
They say seeing is believing, but if you deny the presence of non physical works,
You will walk blindly.

Believe in yourself and the possibilities are endless.

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2 responses to “For Michael: LIFE

  • Caroline Bailey

    If only I had the power to remove my dear son from the situation he found himself in I truly would, If only I had the power to stop what he was enduring, I would, I truly would,…

    To have my child back is only a dream……23 yrs old, no life was lived, now he’s gone, the silence where he once was is unreal, where are the words to describe it, I dont know, his soul has gone back to where it came from and Michael Bailey ceases to exists in the flesh…

    Michael will always be in my heart…R.I.P son until we meet again…I love him so

    Michael’s mum

  • smalla

    Michael, there aint a day that goes by that I don’t think about the impact you had and still do have on peoples lives? Good or bad you stand out from the crowd, you’re special and will remain in my thoughts and heart untill the day I meet you up there in heaven. My nigga (Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished) your pic remains in our household because you had a positive impact on our lives.
    Miss ya. Smalla

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